July 2016

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Normally in the summer months, the teams in La Liga that make the headlining moves are giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. This summer however, Barcelona is making moves at a non-earth shattering levels and Real Madrid appear to be sellers more than buyers. Atlético meanwhile have been uncharacteristically in the thick of the transfer rumors and making moves that keep them among the elite in the Spanish league. At the start of the transfer window, they were going after Gonzalo Higuaín hard before the Argentine ended up staying in Italy, joining Juventus for 90 million EUR, the third highest... Read More
What he needs to do to keep his job
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Being the manager of Real Madrid has about the job security of... there's really no comparison. No matter how much you win it's never enough, it will always be about winning while exhibiting beauty and perfection with the right players on the field. Zinedine Zidane brought this team back from the dead in January, winning the Champions League and coming to within a point of the La Liga championship. One would think that would be enough, add on top of that he's a club legend, and they would be inclined to name him manager for life, right? Not when Florentino Perez is club president. Perez has... Read More
What's real, what makes sense
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The summer transfer window in soccer still has more than 30 days of life and thus, more than 30 days worth of speculation and rumors. It can be somewhat overwhelming to hear about the moves your favorite team may or may not make, where your favorite player may end up, and sometimes you just want to fast forward to September 1 and see how things shake out. However, it is pretty fun to go through and decipher which rumors have merit, and which ones are just straight b.s. as they pertain to various teams in La Liga. Sevilla French attacker Kevin Gameiro has really sprung onto the scene the past... Read More
What would Madrid & Barça look like without their stars?
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Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo recently commented on his 2015-16 season calling it, "the best season of my life." Ronaldo made his comments at the unveiling of his new five-star hotel in his hometown of Funchal.  And why not? No one can argue that this was not his most successful season from a team perspective, and even as an individual, his past season is one any player in any sport would kill for. 2016 started with Ronaldo being nominated for the Ballon d'Or, although he lost to Leo Messi, he was still recognized as one of the three best players in the world. Real Madrid also came... Read More
Time to preview the 2016-17 season
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Before the weekend, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) released the match ups for Week 1 of the 2016-17 La Liga season, to much fanfare. Of course, much of the talk was around league giants Barcelona and Real Madrid facing Real Betis and Real Sociedad, respectively. Therefore, with the schedules coming out, let's preview and speculate as to how this edition of the Spanish championship will pan out. Starting with Barcelona, there have been headlines involving their most iconic player, and not for good reasons. Leo Messi, likely fresh off vacation after Argentina's run to the... Read More
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Sometimes in sports, the offseason is just as exciting and interesting as when the season is actually underway. And sometimes it's even more interesting. Such is the case with the summer transfer window in soccer, which is a bit different than American sports leagues. Stateside, you see big names stay with a club for years and years. Kobe Bryant staying 20 years with the Lakers, Derek Jeter about the same with the Yankees, and of course there are more. Barry Bonds, Tom Brady, Tim Duncan, etc. But in soccer, not so much, which is why it's so much fun to read the summer transfer rumors. Let's... Read More
All without Cristiano Ronaldo
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If you had your money on Portugal winning Euro 2016 at any point, before or during the tournament, you my friend are a genius. The Portuguese came in as somewhat as an after thought, as many had teams such as  - but not limited to - Spain, Germany, France and maybe even England ahead of them. They did not do much in the early stages, failing to outright win any of their group stage matches, and not even scoring a goal within the first 90 minutes of regulation until the knockout stages. Still, any team with Cristiano Ronaldo can not be counted out. Then it must be even more deflating for... Read More
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Portugal and France face off tomorrow to decide who will be the European champions of 2016, and there is plenty of star power. France is favored heading into the match, with their big name players and being the hosts of the tournament they should have most if not all of the crowd on their side. Still, there will be some players who will have more influence on the outcome than others. Here's a list of who to watch for. Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo This should be obvious. He's the best player in the tournament and quite possibly the best in the world. He shares the team lead with three goals... Read More
Portugal and France have luck on their side
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Sentimental gamblers may have a hard time choosing which team to place their bets on for the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France. That's because both teams seem to be riding a wave of luck into the showdown at the Stade de France in Paris. Portugal are lucky to even be in the tournament, let alone the final. They snuck in, needing to qualify through a playoff for the final spot before they needed more help making the knockout rounds. Tying in each of their three group stage matches, they benefitted from this year's playoff expansion to include the top four three-seeds. But that has... Read More
Wales and Iceland surprising many
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The 2016 of the European Championship is turning out quite a few unexpected results, and could be validating the decision to expand the number of participants to 24.  Thanks to the decision, we will be able to take advantage of more opportunities to watch the play of Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal, but more importantly we have been able to watch his Real Madrid teammate's team mount an impressive run. Gareth Bale and Wales have been a surprise protagonist in this tournament, which is only their second major international tournament in their history.  Reaching the quarterfinals of a tournament... Read More