November 2016

Is La Liga better than we think?
Posted by jschario on 11/27/16
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With Barcelona in a bit of a slump of sorts (at least by their standards), it becomes the latest of the big three Spanish clubs (Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid being the others) to fall into a funk within their domestic schedule. Atleti have been struck the worst, as they find themselves in fourth place and in a nine-point hole. Real is on a winning streak at the moment, but just last month themselves ended three consecutive matches in a draw.  Which raises a question: is the rest of the league better competition than originally thought? With their draw, Barcelona are level on points with... Read More
Posted by jschario on 11/23/16
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Whenever an international break comes about for Real Madrid, it is truly a test of the team's depth and the manager's savvy. That is because when you go out and bring in the world's best year in and year out, every break 90% if not 100% of your team will be sent out on internaitonal duty, even your bench.  It especially does not help your team regain or maintain fitness or stave off fatigue when your first match back in the cross-city derby and 72 hours later you have a Champions League match that could secure your passage to the knockout stages. Such is life for Madrid though, and they came... Read More
Posted by jschario on 11/18/16
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This weekend promises to be an exciting one in soccer to say the least. In almost every European league there is a major derby taking place. Germany, England and Italy all have their biggest clubs squaring off in what promise to be star-studded affairs. However arguably the most evenly matched and intense derby happening this weekend will be taking place in the Spanish capital, as Madrid’s two biggest clubs, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, play in another edition of their cross-town rivalry.  In the past it used to be more of a friendly get together,  as Real Madrid dominated the match up... Read More
Smack Macedonia 4-0
Posted by jschario on 11/13/16
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For years, Spain's national soccer team played some of the most attractive soccer around the world, ushering in a dynamic passing scheme known as tiki-taka. This while also winning every signifcant trophy available from 2008 - 2012. They fielded the best midfield in the world, with enough top talent to fill multiple national squads. Xavi and Iniesta were a duo that was able to perfectly conduct a masterpiece of an attack that resulted in vicotry more times than not. Lately though, as the golden generation of La Roja has aged themselves into the sunset, now former Spain manager had trouble... Read More
Posted by jschario on 11/12/16
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Team USA looking beyond the US borders for its coach for the very first time five years ago, bringing in arguably the biggest name to ever stroll its sideline in Jürgen Klinsmann.  Klinsmann, a legend for West Germany back in the day, and guided the German national team to a third place finish at the 2006 World Cup finals. After that tournament Klinsmann became one of the most sought after coaches in the world. Thus is seemed a natural fit for him to manage Bayern Munich, Germany's biggest club and one he scored 31 goals for in the mid-90's. However the union ended up being annulled the... Read More
Big week of big time extensions
Posted by jschario on 11/06/16
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Not that it deviates from the trend, but Real Madrid laid out big time cash for some big time players this week. Perhaps in search of salvaging a rough start to their week, the Spanish club announced the contract extensions for stars Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo within days of each other. The announcements came soon after the richest club in the world settled for a draw in Champions League play against Polish club Legia Warsaw in Warsaw on Wednesday. Reports back in the UK had Bale pegged as the highest paid player at Madrid, overtaking a mantle Ronaldo had a stranglehold on, and a title... Read More