January 2017

China is causing a sudden stir in world soccer
Posted by jschario on 01/31/17
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Years ago, when David Beckham left soccer's richest club, Real Madrid, to sign with the Los Angeles Galaxy in MLS, many thought the the US league would be Europe's top competitor for the world's best talent. However if this January transfer window has proven anything, it's that China instantly leapfrogged the MLS with its bottomless pockets. While the MLS has only been able to attract Europe's stars after they are noticeably past their prime, the Chinese league is luring talent young and old with its ability to pay eight figure salaries without batting an eye lash. Even if MLS's top clubs... Read More
Posted by jschario on 01/29/17
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At a time when league leaders Real Madrid were in the midst of their lowest point over a calendar year, their bitter rivals in Cataluña failed to keep pace Sunday. On the road against middle of the table team Real Betis, Barça trekked back home with only one point - and somewhat controversially. Alex Alegria put the hosts ahead with a goal after the Blaugrana only managed two shots on goal in the first half. However Barcelona were denied a goal that replays showed had clearly crossed the goal line. Moments later with the game clock winding down the closing minutes, Leo Messi assisted Luis... Read More
Posted by jschario on 01/28/17
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With the 20th week of games for the Spanish league underway, both of Madrid's teams find themselves looking for answers. In Chamartín, Real Madrid have suddenly fallen back down to Earth after their long unbeaten streak, and it will be interesting to see if Zinedine Zidane can get them back off the ground this week against Real Sociedad. La Real (Sociedad) has proven to be a thorn in the side of all the leading La Liga clubs the last couple of years, most recently giving Barcelona a tough challenge to even come away with points. On the Manzanares, Atlético Madrid failed to secure three points... Read More
Lose back-to-back after 40 straight no defeats
Posted by jschario on 01/21/17
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Real Madrid face a situation that they have not seen in about 12 months, that is hoping back into the La Liga race coming off back-to-back losses. And of course as is typical with a rough patch at the Bernabeu, fans have plenty of blame to dispense as they see fit. Coming off a loss in domestic league play to Sevilla on Sunday, Madrid came back home to the capital to host Galician side Celta Vigo. Vigo did surprise some people last season, nabbing a Europa league spot in the process. However they lost their best player in Nolito, who jumped at the chance to play for Pep Guardiola at... Read More
Drop all three points
Posted by jschario on 01/16/17
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It had to end sometime, and that sometime was Sunday for Real Madrid. Playing Sevilla for the third time in 10 days, on the road no less, they dropped all three points and only have themselves to blame. Sevilla, who many may be surprised to know sit in second-place in La Lga ahead of Barcelona, had lost the last two matches against Real Madrid. Both matches were in the Copa del Rey tournament, therefore it would be reasonable to expect Sevilla was looking to exact some revenge against Los Blancos.  For over half the match neither team was able to put the ball in the back of the net. That is... Read More
Posted by jschario on 01/14/17
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On a weekend where the league leaders - Real Madrid - would be facing a stiff test and risking points, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid did what they were supposed to do. Two-thirds of Spain's Big Three clubs played Saturday, and both took all three points in front of them. Neither team were playing a team the caliber of second-place Sevilla, therefore they could not afford to lose or tie when Real is as likely as ever to drop some. Simply playing the probability of a 40-match no loss streak on the line against a team that they will have played three times in the past 10 days.  Barcelona laid a... Read More
Now 39 matches unbeaten
Posted by jschario on 01/07/17
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As the calendar flipped from 2016 to 2017 it marked not only a new year, but January 4th marked the 365th day that Zinedine Zidane had taken over as Real Madrid manager for Rafa Benitez. Throughout those 365 days Zidane has received as much criticism as he has praise, winning titles and matches but not always with the pinaché that Real Madrid fans would like. These Madrid fans can be quite the stick in the mud, but all in the Spanish capital seems to be positive vibes around Zidane now, could it simply be that the Spanish are in the holiday spirit? More likely its the now 39 matches since los... Read More